History & Mission


The Friends of Applegate Branch Library was formally incorporated on March 10, 1982 in Applegate, California.

Mission and Purpose

The Friends of Applegate Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization.

Our purpose is to maintain an association of persons interested in books and libraries; to focus public attention on library services, facilities and needs; to stimulate gifts of books, magazines, desirable collections, endowments and bequests; and also to help support financially and morally all efforts to maintain the Applegate Library.


Membership in the Friends of Applegate Library is open to all individuals in agreement with our purpose. Members may join at any time. See our membership page for more details.

Board of Directors

The Friends of Applegate Branch Library is governed by a board of directors, which includes the offices of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and membership chair. See our current Board here.

This plaque memorializing the library’s history was provided by the E Clampus Vitus